Lets get enagaged to new media.

“Technology changes faster than culture.”

The somewhat controversial statement by Bell, G. (2008) illustrates the rapid growth of new ‘new’ media and the vast affects it is having on our culture.

New media is what’s unstoppably breaking down the geographical
boundaries for you and I. It is eliminating many social restrictions
however also encouraging us to expose our ‘inner selves’ online.

On my iPhone I am able to run numerous applications, access blogs, social networking sites, podcasts and video sharing websites. I can maintain my online presence, interact globally and retrieve information through just one platform.

My own media habits seem repetitive and addictive, I feel the need to be permanently connected to this web of communication. Waking up to my iPhone advising me of new Facebook notifications just so I feel updated and ‘connected’ is an indication my world is being defined by the opportunities new media allows.

In saying this, it is clear the consumer has a choice as to how much they wish to engage in new media practices. As Bell, G. (2008) makes the assumption every consumer is struggling inside a network of devices having to deal with contacts, communities and profiles online. This is a generalised statement as it is not a concern for every consumer such as the technical savvy or traditional media users.

Bell, G. (2008). “Digital Economy Forum: Presentation by Dr Genevieve Bell (Intel).” YouTube video, posted September 10. Accessed March 11, 2011.


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