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Musical playlists, It’s not what you like… It’s who you are.

Since the beginning of Macintosh’s Apple creation of everything I, an unwritten social rule if you show me yours I’ll show you mine has become apparent. People who own an iPod will understand the concept of sharing ones play-lists with a friend or a colleague and at times this may seem a daunting task. As Ryan Patrick explains an iPod play-list is a strong reflection of one’s personality.

What appears a simple two way exchange of musical tastes has become a means to a rich personal narrative  (Levy 2006, 41).   When asked the question in my lecture recently if I would feel comfortable revealing the music on my iPod to anyone? I wanted to open up my iTunes and delete any songs I considered “uncool” as when you look at someone’s music you naturally form a judgment.  It comes down to perceptions of image and how media opens the self up to others as Levy (2006, 23) explains play list is character. This is why I believe we are afraid of flashing our play lists, as it not only reveals our musical tastes but also subconsciously defines our personality.

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